College Graduate Rebate

4-Year Degree = Tier 0
Guaranteed Approval
Ford Credit is rewarding the 2017 College Graduates with an unbeatable deal.

Guaranteed Approval Requirements:

Graduates of accredited college 4-year programs receiving degrees between January 1, 2017 and July 5, 2017

Copy of the diploma or transcript required

Minimum 620 FICO Score for all contract participants

No prior repossessions or open bankruptcies

Maximum advance is the lower of MSRP of $50,000

All model year New Ford vehicles

Retail (including Flex Buy and Ford Options) or Lease

Standard or Subvened

Terms up to 75 months (Retail)

A/X/Z/D Plan eligible

Please include 2017 GRAD in the offering comment and have to Ford Credit by July 14, 2017 for funding